How much do Health and Safety Consultants earn?

For those considering training or completing qualifications with the aim of becoming a Health and Safety Consultant in the UK, the salary you could potentially earn can play a part in deciding which avenue to go down. There are currently more than 21,000 people on LinkedIn with the job title “Health and Safety Consultant”, proving just how vital HSE is to businesses. There are numerous factors that contribute to how much you may earn as a Health and Safety Consultant, such as location, job title and level of experience.


Based on statistics by Payscale in an article published by a href=”” target=”_blank”>Monster, it is apparent that location plays quite a large part in how much Health and Safety Consultants make in the UK. For example, the average salary of a Health and Safety Advisor is as follows:

  • London – £34,598
  • Aberdeen – £45,000
  • Manchester – £27,000
  • Derby – £24,677
  • Glasgow – £22,450
  • Liverpool – £25,989
  • Leeds – £20,952

Job Title

There are countless areas of specialism and subsequent job titles that fall under health and safety; many are quite niche, whereas some areas can be combined with others meaning your experience will be slightly broader. An example of job titles and how much on average a Health and Safety Consultant in that field will earn are as follows:

  • Compliance Manager – £38,000
  • Environmental Health & Safety Advisor – £34,000
  • Environmental Health & Safety Manager – £42,000
  • Health and Safety Coordinator – £22,000
  • Health and Safety Manager – £36,000

Level of Experience

Unsurprisingly, your level of experience within your field will also contribute to how much you earn. As you gain experience and progress in your career, you will subsequently earn more as you go along. The average salary of a Health and Safety Advisor does not change much depending on your level of experience; it is anywhere between £28,000 and £33,000, even if you have 10+ years’ experience.

However, when you have gained experience as a Health and Safety Advisor or Manager, it is common for those in your field to work for themselves as a Health and Safety Consultant. Health and Safety Consultants in the UK earn £40,000+ on average. No matter the industry you specialise in, it is common to be hired as a contractor when you have 5+ years’ experience on your CV. Don’t forget – when you have at least two years’ experience, Chartered Status checked by your professional body, an up to date CPD and PI insurance, you will be able to register with OSHCR. By doing so, your work experience, qualifications and past project details can be visible for employers to browse your details. For more information about being eligible to register with OSHCR, please click here.