How do I become a health and safety consultant?

To become a Health and Safety Consultant you must consider numerous factors beforehand. For example; qualifications needed, experience, industry knowledge and working for yourself.

Train to be a health and safety consultant

You will need to complete certain health and safety qualifications before starting out in a career and health and safety, depending on the type of role you are aiming for. If you start with short introductory courses such as the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Qualification, your knowledge of the industry will then be at the ideal level to complete further training. For example, the NEBOSH General Certificate takes two weeks full time study to complete, but is well recognised in the health and safety sector.

Becoming a Health and Safety Consultant

Those working in the health and safety industry who gain experience and wish to progress into consultancy are likely to study for further qualifications in order to gain a wider knowledge of their chosen area. The NEBOSH Diploma is the required qualification for the majority of health and safety manager-level roles. It is a much more complex qualification in comparison to the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Qualification, and requires approximately seven weeks full time study.

From an employer’s perspective, CMIOSH status is the most reliable way to tell if a health and safety professional is knowledge, reliable and capable. It is by no means essential, but will demonstrate to employers your knowledge of, and commitment to, your career. With a diploma and two years’ relevant experience the CMIOSH grade is available after a peer review.

In addition to NEBOSH and CMIOSH qualifications, corporate membership of IOSH is gained by relevant work experience and sitting numerous external exams. Initially, health and safety professionals join IOSH as an affiliate member and then progress through the levels of membership as levels of experience also increase, in addition to examinations. With a National General Certificate and five years’ relevant experience you are able to progress to TechIOSH level.

Register with OSHCR

If you are in the process of setting up as a health and safety consultant, be sure to find out more about OSHCR and why you should register. OSHCR is the best and only way for consultants to be appropriately sourced and recognised.