Code of Conduct

Consultants eligible to join the register are bound by the code of conduct of their professional body. Details can be found on their website.

Sensible and Proportionate Advice

HSE encourages the use of sensible and proportionate advice. In the context of this register, this means:

  • Helping clients understand what health and safety law requires;
  • Helping clients understand how they can help them;
  • Ensuring that clients understand how to raise any concerns relating to the advice that they have received;
  • Exercising their professional judgement to decide what action must be taken in a particular situation. For example, an employer might be required to do what is reasonably practicable to ensure safety, and that will mean considering both the extent of the risk and the resources involved in averting the risk (whether in money, time or trouble); and
  • Distinguishing between legal requirements and best practice (i.e. the ‘must do’ and the ‘could do’).


All complaints relating to a health and safety consultant’s information, advice or activities should be directed to Complaints will be investigated by a panel consisting of 3 members of OSHCR Ltd, none of whom will be the representative member of the consultant’s professional body. Sanctions that the panel can apply include the removal of the consultant from the register.

Complaints about a decision to include or not to include a consultant on the OSHCR, or about any conditions attached to inclusion, should also be directed to