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The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland
19 Torphichen Street

Telephone: 0131 229 2968
Website: http://www.rehis.com


The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (the Institute) has been in existence for over 135 years and has around 1,200 members the majority of whom are Environmental Health Officers working in that capacity for Scottish local authorities, however, an increasing number are working in other agencies, private organisations, consultancies and self employment.

The objects for which the Institute is established are for the benefit of the community to promote the advancement of Environmental Health by:

  • stimulating interest in and disseminating knowledge concerning Environmental Health;
  • promoting education and training in matters relating to Environmental Health; and
  • maintaining, by examination or otherwise, high standards of professional practice and conduct on the part of Environmental Health Officers in Scotland.

Environmental Health Officers in Scotland are part of a graduate only profession and by virtue of their under-pinning academic education, professional practical training, professional qualifications, competence and experience are well placed to apply a holistic public health approach to the education of the public and to the enforcement of a wide range of environmental and public health legislation.

The Institute operates a Scheme of Continuing Professional Development, which is set down in regulations. Members who demonstrate compliance with the Regulations for the Scheme of Continuing Professional Development can become Chartered Environmental Health Officers. This requires a minimum requirement of demonstrating that 60 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has been achieved over a period of 3 consecutive years. CPD submissions require to be evidenced with accompanying documentation.

A Code of Conduct applies to all Institute members and sanctions can be imposed on any member who contravenes the Code of Conduct.