The search page has been designed to give you the utmost flexibility and control when looking for a consultant. Elements can be used individually, or combined to drill down further and restrict the search to tight parameters.

To enable you to easily view the results on the map, 12 profiles are shown on each page. To go directly to a profile, click on the pin-point on the map and select ‘View profile’, or use the ‘View profile’ button on the profile thumbnail. You can sort results by distance, alphabetically or by criteria score/experience.


The location filter uses a Google maps search to find consultants who have a primary work address within the specified distance. The default is 50 miles, which will give you regional results. Click ‘More Filters’ to access the distance slider, which can be changed to return more or fewer consultant profiles.


The key word or phrase box can be used to search all text fields in the consultants’ profiles. For example, you can enter a consultant’s name or company name, a specialism or the type of service required.


Select from the drop-down lists of industries and topics. Selecting multiple industries will return you all consultants who have any of those industries listed under their specialisms, and it is the same for topics. Combine the two filters to restrict the search. For example, the Falls from Height topic may be relevant to a number of different industries but you may only be interesting in consultants with experience in the Agriculture or Manufacturing industries.

Professional Body Memberships

Click on ‘More Filters’ to reveal the new Memberships filter. This allows you to search for a consultant who is a member of a specific professional body.

Real-time results

The search returns results in real-time. The results will be filtered as soon as you change the distance with the slider or select an industry, topic or professional body. With the location and keyword filters you need to press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard, press the ‘Submit’ button or just click onto the next the field in order to trigger the search refresh.

Additional filters in development

The new, extended profiles now allow OSHCR registered consultants to enter their key services and qualifications. These filters will be added in due course, once consultants have had time to update their profiles and populate the new fields.